FBC ENGAGE is designed to help you connect with others in the life of First Baptist Church. FBC ENGAGE not only provides information about the people, the groups, and the volunteer opportunities here, but also allows you to view your giving records and update your contact information to make sure you receive important communication from the church. It’s the communication hub for all things First Springfield.

Click Here for FBC Engage

If you’re new here, click “create account” and you’ll be guided through the steps of requesting a login. If your email is already in our database, you can get set up 24/7 by linking your email address with our database.

Start the process by checking to see if your email is in our system. If you (or your email) aren’t found in our database “No users found for __@youremailaddress.com “ (in red letters), you can create an account by clicking “Click here to create a new account.”

Call the FBC offices at 417.866.7202 or contact us if you need more assistance logging-in or getting your account setup in FBC ENGAGE.